Slide Financing Your School Your Way Get Funding When You Need It Lumen Capital provides simple and transparent financing for charter schools and districts. We offer click-of-the-mouse access to immediate financing to cover 100% of deferrals and other needs. Talk to an Expert Get Started

About the Platform


• Only pay for what you use

Fast and Efficient

• Upon approval, receive financing in 1-2 days of your request

Streamlined Experience

• Apply and get funds with a click-of-the-mouse

Fair and Consistent Pricing

• Competitive pricing based on state credit
• Easy to understand with no hidden fees


How Much Does My School Qualify For?

As much as 40% of the annualized LCFF/EPA/In Lieu + the amount deferred.

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Who Qualifies?

Charter schools in the state of California.

What Is The LumenFinancing Platform?

• LumenFinance™ is an online portal.
• Charter schools can access funds when they need through a few clicks of the mouse.
• Upon approval, receive financing in 1-2 days of your request

Who is Lumen Capital?

We are a team of professionals bringing a revolutionary approach to immediate financing to cover 100% of deferrals and other needs for charter schools and districts. Our experience covers finance, legal and operations of charter schools and districts, including having funded ~$1.5 billion in this industry. We are all advisors to Lumen Network striving to provide vital resources to public schools. We encourage you to reach out with any questions that you may have.


“When you’re running a school, time is of the essence”

-Lucy Zepeda, Executive Director of Oasis Charter School

“Using Lumen is straightforward, easy to use, and more importantly secure”

-Marcelo Olmos,Chief Operating Officer at Academia Avance Charter School

“People can’t find what they are looking for in emails, even if they were the one who sent it. Lumen makes everyone’s work easier.”

-High School Principal

“Our office managers used to spend all day gathering information from teachers. Now, with Lumen, they can manage the process centrally, and teachers use the customized email-in function to upload their documents.”

-Chief Operating Office

“Lumen accelerated our renewal process. The dozens of hours we saved gave us the time we needed to analyze data, strategize internally, and coordinate with external parties.”

-Executive Director

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